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At Gemini Courses, we have a background in the travel industry, which will help you decide on which flights and with which company should be reserved. Once reserved flights we can help you to arrange your pick-up at the airport or advise you on your travel options within the United Kingdom or the country in which you have chosen to study. כדאי לך לעיין אצל רמי יהושע כדי לקבל עוד מידע. The day of arrival the day of arrival is usually the Sunday. You will be all their details of accommodation in advance, assuming that you have booked with us. In the majority of locations gives to choose between a host family, or to share an apartment or dorm.

Your accommodation would be located normally 10-30 minutes from the school, but a little more (up to 60 minuots) in the case of choosing a big city such as London, New York, Vancouver and Toronto. Your accommodation when you arrive at your accommodation, will have the opportunity to relax, settle, meet future classmates and hosts, they will do any questions regarding school (how to get there, How are the facilities) and to organize for the next day, that is when to begin your course. If you chose a shared hosting, probably do so with students who already carry a course a few weeks. So during the first hours of arrival, you will have the opportunity to meet friends for life and practice their English in everyday and authentic situations. It is best that you will find people shipped in the same as you, therefore the nerves abound! The following weeks during the following weeks improve and consolidate their new friends, since both will discuss their views about classes, as on the teachers, the school and the city itself. You will earn a considerable confidence in your English, since it will put into practice the language on a daily basis and will be immersed in it. Remember to complement the course with his own Studio, including the duties that you have commanded him, watch television, listen to the radio and use the Internet in English.

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