Eaton Hastings

In April 1939, crossed the French border to take refuge in Avignonnet. Claimed by her husband, went to Eaton Hastings, where a Labour Lord had taken into his farm to a group of Spanish, including her husband and Pedro Garfias. He returned again to the south of France, to embark on the road to Mexico in the legendary French ship which sailed from Sete Sinaia. In Mexico he worked, shortly after his arrival in El Nacional, Thursday Excelsior, Journal of Magazine and Today weekly, where he was art critic. Along with her husband and other editors of Apse, he founded "Ediciones Xochitl," one of the first publishers of the Spanish exiles in Mexico. Dialogues In the magazine published some poems and essays. In the mid-forties is separated from her husband, who returned to Spain in 1948. He writes, among others, in publications strips of colors, spinning wheel, The Rahilete, literary life, Journal of the University and the literary supplement of El Nacional.

Friend, companion and executor of Donato Magda (Carmen Eva Nelken), actress, novelist, journalist, and playwright, coordinated for over six decades the literary award named after this illustrious Madrid in 1966 died in exile. Mada Carreno remarried Sesin Antonio Kuri. In 1996 he was awarded the Jose Pages Llergo Journalism in the chronic gender. Late onset Mada Carreno's novel, The Devils Loose (1975), explains his agility and freshness history, which enshrines the days of the war with the French exile Eguizabal marriage. We assist throughout the story to the author's autobiographical experiences, the defeat of the Republican army, the activities of marriage during the war, the uncertainties, doubts and the spirit of solidarity that it engenders. Come over to France, the story follows the separate course of the wife, the French reception, the hard life among well-meaning people, but not always sympathetic, waiting anxiously for news …

and all hit by "devils loose" of the passions and misunderstandings. Later published numerous children's stories, in 1998, he published his book of aphorisms Tile. Thoughts to live with joy and his book of essays, memoirs and delight. We will mention also my little Bible, a collection of Bible stories that make the Bible available to children, their literary work to revise the Bible in the New Millennium "Ecumenical," direct translation from Hebrew and Castilian Aramaic and confrontation with the Greek and Latin, and a novel left unpublished in search of this. And, as the writer died in exile: "We knew that with the triumph of the opponents of retaliation and whips fall upon us all and that even in the case of getting out alive, we would have to endure years of torture and terrible humiliation always invents the victor over the vanquished. " Francisco Arias Solis That freedom beautiful as life.

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