Modern Science

Initiate for the Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard. The existencialismo denies any abstract and universal essence in the man: this is pure existence and, therefore, constructor of its proper destination, architect of its proper life. Exodus: according to book of the Sacred bible, the exodus was the exit of the people of God of Egypt where lived enslaved for fara, the exodus is told by Moises. Cientologia: it is a system of beliefs established in 1952 for an author of scientific fiction (1911-1986, been born in Tilden, Nebraska, Hubbard). The cientologia was officialized in 1954.

This religion is based on the Dianetica books: The Modern Science of the Mental Health (1950), Diantica: The Evolution of the Science and Science of the Survival. Hubbard considered the Diantica as a subdisciplina of the Cientologia. Until dying, in 1986, Hubbard published hundreds of books on cientologia and only some on Diantica. The doctrine has influences of other religions, as hindusmo and the buddhism, and of sciences human beings, as psychology. Expiatorio Bode: a described ritual in the bible in the book of Levitico, where one bode was separate of the excessively animal ones, to be used in the ritual yom kippur, day of the atonement.

This rite was execultado for the Hebrews. Dispora: dispersion of the Jews for the world, and its formation in other territories is mentioned to it. Circucisao: it consists of the withdrawal of the prepucio, this act is until today used for the Jews as distinguiz form them of the too much peoples of the land, has as meant the alliance of God with Abro. This ritual also was exerted by other peoples, where the children who were passing to the adolescence phase pass for a cicuno ritual to symbolize that now in fact man becomes. Ikhnaton: religion created for fara Amen-hotep IV, where it instituted the god aton as only deity that would have to be venerated.

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