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6b-8. Lio 04: Mission it was born in the heart of God. Since neophyte in the faith I hear this affirmation. However, little I have seen to be made by the missionaries who mainly live in the countries of the Window 10X40. That you she can in them grant a vision missionary and can truily invest in these homes and women of God. Two types of missionaries exist: 1) – The ones that make mission in its proper country under an ecclesiastical leadership; 2) – The ones that are sent for other nations with a mission under the blessing and the covering of the Church. Missionaries without Church do not exist. These are pickaxes! Ditrefes, the rebellious Leader? Who age Ditrefes? It was the leader of the local Church.

What more it distinguishes this individual is its ambition to have the preeminence in the church. בני ברמה הוא הכתובת בשבילך. V.9-11. It arrived if to oppose to proper apstolo Joo in certain occasion: Joo had written to the church where it congregated itself, recommending that they received certain men, but Ditrefes refused to accept the authority of Joo (rebellious attitude), or, when refusing to receive those men, rejected proper apstolo. Lesson 5: Joo accuses Ditrefes with five offences: 1. To insist on being the absolute leader of the local church; 2.

To refuse to receive it; to 3.Fazer malicious commentaries against the apstolos; 4. To oppose to receive it preachers itinerantes (obviously the reason was because it wanted to limit the pregao and education proper itself); to 5.Expulsar of the church who received the missionaries the spite from its prohibition. At last, Ditrefes insisted on governing the church proper it, not admitting interference or disobedience to its orders. It was auto-dogmtico, auto-formed, auto-xaltado, self-sufficient, auto-motivated, auto-satisfied, auto confident, and by the way, devilishly rebellious! Much Ditrefes nowadays, people exist that a faade of great mercy uses and if it imposes to lead the church to its proper way. Generally they demonstrate little esteem to Biblical education and they do not accept everything even so what the Bible says, they do not admit it openly. How Mr. in the free one of the syndrome of Diotrefes! Joo did not ask for that Gaio faced Ditrefes: it would make personally this. Conclusion of the Epistle. vv.12-15: Apstolo finishes its letter praising Demtrio. But who was it? A trustworthy brother. Everything that we know regarding it in this letter is contained in one alone versicle (12). Its name means ' ' pertaining to the Demeter' ' that is, Ceres, the goddess of the agriculture of the Greeks, of what it can be deduced that was converted of the paganismo. Praised either the God! How the lies contained in this concise Epistle can penetrate deeply in our hearts! Shalom Uvrachot! Peace and benes!

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